Dropzone Bad Tölz

Bad Tölz only happens once or twice a year.

It used to be an american army base once called Baker Airfield. But nowadays there is some sports activities of about 5 clubs on this little airfield.

The location is unique and so are its people. On this very special event they open the old building and selling homemade cake to the skydivers and spectators (and other good food). You instantly feel home and want to stay till the end of the day and even longer.

The organizors of this event try to get a Cesna 208. It lifts up 15 to 20 skydivers at a time depending on the plane. On the fly up you are so close to the bavarian Alps you might want to touch it. You will see lake Tegernsee, lake Schliersee, lake Chiemsee and the river Isar and many more. It is a beauty for the eye.  

Bad Tölz is only 50km south of Munich. Probably the closest to Munich and easy to get there. You can combine your tandem-skydive with a visit in this idyllic town. Stay for a day or two and soak up the vibe of Bavaria.